Building Permits
Building permits are required for most home improvement projects. You are encouraged to call the Development Department at (847) 639-1100 to discuss your plans and the Village's permit process.

Permit Application
Building permits help to ensure that a project is constructed properly and to code. Permit applications are available online by clicking on the link below or at:
Village Hall
655 Village Hall Drive
Cary IL 60013
 Building Permit Application
Required Information
Please complete the application and submit it with the following information when applicable:
  • A copy of the plat of survey for your property, with the work area marked and dimensions and measurements noted
  • A general description of the scope of work to be done
  • All contractor and sub contractor contact information
  • Plans and/or drawings of the project
  • The estimated cost of the project
  • The specification sheet(s) for any equipment being installed
  • U factors for windows and size and efficiency ratings of air conditioners and furnaces
Standard residential permit applications are usually processed within three to seven business days. Large projects may take longer.

Project Guidelines & Information Sheets